Partnering is an important aspect of Xerion’s business strategy. The Company has established a number of collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as academic institutions. Xerion pursues several partnership models:

Target Validation
Xerion collaborates with pharma and biotech companies to help assess the function of putative targets using its antibody phage display, proteomics and CALI techniques.

Drug Target/Antibody Lead Generation
Xerion uses Xstream® to identify druggable targets to support partners who wish to obtain access to novel targets in a therapeutic indication of their choice. Based on these targets, fully human antibody leads can be generated and provided to the partner.

Xerion uses its capabilities to generate druggable targets and therapeutic leads in cancer and cardiovascular disease for own development and partnering. As a result, Xerion can offer co-development opportunities (see pipeline for overview).

Xerion also out-licenses qualified targets and antibody leads derived from internal programs (see pipeline for overview).

For further information on collaborating with Xerion as well as on co-development and licensing opportunities, please contact:

Europe and Near East
Jenny L Ilag, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer
Xerion Pharmaceuticals AG
Sauerbruchstrasse 50
D-81377 Munich Germany
TEL: +29 89 86 307 0
FAX: +29 89 86 307 112

North America and Asia
Yukari Perrella
Xerion Pharmaceuticals Inc
One Broadway, Suite 600
Cambridge, MA 02142 U.S.A.
TEL: +1 217 621 7123
FAX: +1 217 621 7124