Xerion pursues a dual business strategy:

First, the Company applies its technologies to feed its own product development pipeline, namely in cancer and immune disorders programs.

Second, Xerion actively supports pharma companies providing its target identification, drug target definition and fully human therapeutic antibody lead generation competencies.

Why Xerion focuses on antibody development:

Antibody-based medications are potential blockbuster drugs: several recently launched products are expected to generate revenues exceeding US$1 billion (Oppenheim Research).

In 2000, the market of therapeutic antibodies worldwide exceeded US$2 billion. For the next decade a steady and strong increase in revenues from therapeutic antibody sales is expected. (Ernst & Young).

pipeline graph

Therapeutic antibodies have a shorter drug development time and higher success rates compared to small molecules and also the potential for more specific treatments. In addition, antibodies can be used as clinical diagnostic tools.